Could a Piece of Cardboard really be the new Technology Hit?

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Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. School and extra-curricular clubs are really getting in the way of me being able to sit down and write reviews. Okay. Now that that’s off my chest I shall unveil the star of this review …

Google Cardboard 



This revolutionary piece of cardboard will let you see things like you have never seen them before! In Virtual Reality!! All you have to do is insert your phone onto that piece of cardboard that is sticking out and clip that piece to the rest of the box and look in with a virtual reality app launched and boom just like that you have a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Headset. Pretty cool right? Guess what, its about to get better because it is only $15-$20!!

I love the Google Cardboard! It is very entertaining and interesting. I have showed many of my friends and family and they agree. Where ever you look there is something to see. It is also very easy to put together.



There are many apps for the Google Cardboard especially if you have an Android device. Some of the best apps for Android are:                                                                                      Cardboard Demos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Volvo Reality                                                                                                                                                                                     Mercedes for Google Cardboard                                                                                                                                                                              Paul McCartney Preview                                                                                                                                                                             VR Roller Coaster                                                                                                                                                                             Some of the best apps for Apple are:                                                                                                                                                                                                               VirtualReality Holo                                                                                                                                                                                     Volvo Reality                                                                                                                                                                                     VisitVR                                                                                                                                                                                     DiveCityCoaster                                                                                                                                                                                     Youvisit VR                                                                                                                                                                                       These are just some of the apps for Virtual Reality. The Cardboard Demo app is made by Google and has a lot of mini VR apps within it. My favorite is the Google Earth App because you can fly around Chicago or Bryce Canyon. My favorite app on the iPhone is the Virtual Reality Holo. In it you can see a couple different cities not in the US and they filmed it with a camera staying at one spot and all these people come up to you (the camera) and wave at you, take photos of you, or what one old man did was just stand next to your for almost the entire time! It is really incredible.

The Google Cardboard is also very light and compact. It was easy to use and has a cool feature on the side.

google-cardboard-virtual-reality-2This little ring on the side sends the phone a magnetic signal when pulled down. This allows you to click on things inside the virtual reality apps without having to take your phone out of the velcro compartment.


Thanks for reading today and I hoped that you enjoyed my review and recap of the Google Cardboard. For more information check out the Official Google Cardboard Website: Google Cardboard




TWIT Visit!!

Dear Readers,

A couple of days ago my father and I got to visit TWiT. TWiT stands for “This Week in Tech.” It is a radio show hosted by Leo Laporte. He has many shows, some of the more popular ones are TWIT, The Tech Guy, and iPad Today.

TWIT Studios located in Petaluma, California.

TWIT Studios located in Petaluma, California.

During my visit there I got to watch a live tapping of the Tech Guy. It is a show where only Leo is on and he talks to callers and talks about news. It runs for about 3 hours and is very interesting. The studio is awesome. I thought it was going to be a bunch of different rooms but they are all kind of just different sets. It was really cool to see the room that he films Tech Guy in! There are a lot of props in his Tech Guy room and the chairs are very comfortable!! The Tech Guy is a room with walls unlike the other shows. We got to what the chat room was saying and talked to him. I got to sit on his bouncy ball!! His hat collection is huge! Thanks for reading and make sure to check out TWiT at                        Also be sure to check out the studio if you are ever in the area! There is also a great supermarket across the street and an amazing pie shop really close.

Huge hat collection!

Huge hat collection!

Leo during the show!

Leo during the show!

Set of TWIT!

Set of TWiT!

Set of iPad Today!

Set of iPad Today!

Set of TWIT!

Set of TWiT!


The Watch… Wait and See!!

The Watch is a new smartwatch announced by Apple. Lots of Apple fans are already saying they can’t wait to buy it, but my opinion is that there are just to many unknowns right know such as the battery life or the storage to make a firm decision of whether or not to buy the Watch.

The Watch has many very useful features, one being health. This feature measures the amount of steps you take, the amount of time you spend standing up, and the amount of exercise you do in a day. Many people could benefit from this feature and for some people that is enough to buy the watch.

The Watch also has many other features including communication. Apple focused a lot on communication for the Watch. You can make phone calls, text messages, email, and send drawings and even your heartbeat to your colleagues/friends via Digital Touch.

A large step by Apple was by introducing Apple Pay and thanks to Watch you can use it directly from your wrist. Apple Pay is when you store your credit cards in your Passbook app. You can then use Passbook to pay with your credit cards from your iPhone and Watch.

Along with the Watch come a wide variety of apps that can be used on the new watch. With Remote Camera you can see what your iPhone sees on the camera app. Siri is also on the Watch, so you can find out the weather, sports scores, your schedule, and much more in no time.

That is only a glimpse of what can be done on the all-new Watch coming early 2015 starting at $349.



A Flying What!?

Hey guys,

Have you ever seen a flying object close to the ground? Maybe it’s flying up? Maybe it’s flying forward? Or maybe it’s just hovering? Well then you have probably seen a drone.


The new tech craze, the new evolution of photography, and a UFO. All of these thing could be used to describe that flying thing outside your house. The real name is a Drone and there are many kinds of them. Two of the most popular are the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 ($300) and the DJI Phantom Vision+ ($1,300). I myself have the Phantom. It handles very well and can also go to speeds of 30 mph and heights of 1000ft (FAA only allows the max height of 400ft).


There are many uses for the DJI Phantom. If you are a photographer then you will have just opened the door to unlimited possibilities!! You can take photos up high or down low. You will get angles never possible before!! People will stand in awe of your photos. If you are a real estate photographer then everyone will want you. You can get any angle of the house. The roof, the backyard/front yard from above, and the surrounding neighborhood also from above. Lastly, inspectors can now inspect the roof or many other parts of a building without any hassle. Just fly over the top of the building and turn the camera down. Then on your video feed you can inspect the roof or any other parts of the building.


One of the big things that people don’t like about drones is the privacy. But seriously, you can’t be spied on by a floating pillow sized machine making enough noise to hear from 1000ft away. Even if you couldn’t hear it, you would see it. The drones are not microscopic  so it won’t take a telescope to find it in the sky. Another thing is that if you are scared that it will spy on you when you sleep then just cover your windows. There problem solved, moving on!

DJI vs Parrot

I don’t know much about the Parrot so this will be brief. I do know that the Parrot allows you to post/edit your flight videos from the app and the DJI does not do that yet. In my opinion I would rather use the controller to control the drone over an iPhone, but that’s just me. This is a little off topic (sorry) but I was just wondering, why in the world would you want to fly the drone inside your house? The Parrot comes with styrofoam guards to protect the blades from hitting anything but are you kidding! You are almost guaranteed to break something (unless you are a pro flyer). The DJI Phantom sells guards separately. The DJI is a very high-tech drone with built in GPS along with the fact that it can hover in up to 30mph winds. The Parrot is also a high-tech drone with built in GPS but without any way to hover in 30mph winds. I think the DJI has better stabilization. That was DJI vs Parrot, correct me on anything if I was mistaken.


In the end if you have the money I think that you should definitely go with the DJI Phantom Vision 2+. It has a better camera, stabilization, and a better controller. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 has styrofoam guards to protect the blades from hurting people/things. But in the end you can still buy the guards for the DJI so it’s even. I think that the DJI is for more serious flyers and the Parrot is for people who think that drones are cool (which they are) and want to play around with one. Thanks for reading and comment if you liked!


Cool Visit

Hey guys,

Today I am doing something a little different, I am writing about a personal experience! I recently went to one of my dad’s friends’s house to visit a personal museum of technology. My dad’s friend (lets just call him Chris so not to reveal private info) has collected over the past 30 years everything from the Apple I to the Up Band (post coming soon). I was there for quite a while and had time to see his whole collection (wasn’t able to photograph it all, sorry). Chris has every single Wired magazine to date and he has read them all too.



Chris has the Apple I, Apple II, Apple III, Apple Lisa, Apple and many more (can see in photo) A couple of his apple products have signatures from people like Steve Wozniak. Off to the side of the room Chris keeps the evolution of the portable music players. He also has a Thomas Edison Phonograph!!



He also had two NEXT computers. If you don’t know what NEXT is it is a company that Steve Jobs started after he left Apple. Eventually Apple bought NEXT and Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

Next Computersimage


You may not know this but Apple once made a Cable set-top box for a Canadian cable company. It was just a prototype so it is very rare to get. But Chris has one and I got a chance to see it.



I had a great time at Chris’ house and hope to go back soon. He owns a wonderful collection that many would want to see. Thank you for reading and comment if you like these personal experiences better than reviews.



Watch Out!

Drop CAm front & backHey guys,

Today I am going to be talking about Drop Cam Wi-Fi. The Drop Cam HD Wi-Fi is a high resolution Wi-Fi enabled webcam that records sound and has a broadcast feature. This is a good tool for parents that want to spy on their kids.

The Good

The Drop Cam Wi-Fi is a very easy to set up webcam. All you do is take the camera out of the box, plug it in to your computer via USB, then name your drop cam and you are done. Easy, right? The Drop Cam Wi-Fi also has the capability to not only hear what is going on but to speak to the people in the room from outside the house, office, store etc. It is a very flexible device that will fit in most positions. Beside being able to watch live, you can also review history to see what happened an hour, 2 hours, or even a day ago (if you pay the monthly fee). Drop Cam is the name of the mobile app that lets you watch your camera from your phone.

The Bad

The Drop Cam Wi-Fi is a very well done gadget. But it could be better. The camera of the Drop Cam is not to good. It does capture the picture well but could be better. When you speak into the Drop Cam app the sound comes out of the Drop Cam very softly. If there is a way to turn the sound up than please tell me but as far as i know the Drop Cam is very soft. One very big thing to know is that it takes up 60GB of bandwidth a month! Should be smaller.


The Drop Cam is a little too expensive. Having one in the house won’t do you much good unless it’s in a vital spot. You need at least two. They need to have a pack of five Drop Cams. But that pack of five should cost less than buying five individually. Buying five right now would cost $750 (then add the monthly fee) and you’ll be bankrupt. It would be nice to have multiple views of your house instead of just one. Another need is the ability to move the camera from the app. Let say that you put your camera low down and something moves it. Wouldn’t you want to be able to move the camera from the app. Or if you hear things just out of the cameras view, you could just move it into position so you see everything!


Right now my household has one Drop Cam. We probably won’t get more because of cost but having one is okay. If you put it in a vital spot. We have it in the family room (where the action is). If you are really into using video cameras or spying on kids, friend, or people then get it.  You could also wait a little to see if the price goes down. Those are my opinions of the Drop Cam Wi-Fi. Thanks for reading and see you next month!


Drop Cam on Amazon

Drop Cam Website







Hi everybody. Have you ever heard of a gadget that plays music from your mobile device using bluetooth?!?! Just kidding, you probably have. I know there is the Sonos, Beats Pills, and many more, but did you know that Jawbone, the created of the UP band (spoiler alert: I will be coming out with a post about those soon) has made one too! It’s not that new but my dad and I were looking at one of those Best Buy snack/soda machines but with technology at the airport one day and we saw a Mini Jambox. It was right before our flight and we compared to Amazon (almost same price) so we decided to get it. We have had it for a little while now and it is really good.


It comes in different colors and shapes, but we got a silver one with circle speakers. I really like the feel of it. Made of anodized-aluminum. On/off button on one side along with the connection button and the usb and stereo plugins. On top there is a play/pause button and two volume controls, Up and down.


For a miniature version of the other Jamboxes it has really good quality. The sound is very clear and loud. I play a lot of songs on it and so does the rest of my family.


It has a bluetooth capability which makes it very easy to use and almost encourages me to play songs on it. If you do not want to use the bluetooth there is a chord that plugs into your mobile device to play music through. If you have a phone than you can answer/ignore calls on the Jambox. You can hold the call, end the call,  and many more. There is also a capability of use voice command such as Siri or Galaxy. Those are some of the capabilities.


In the end I am very happy with our decision to buy the Mini Jambox. It is really useful and I use it almost everyday. if we had the time or selection I probably would of gotten i different color, but it doesn’t matter. It matters about the quality too me. If you want I speaker It highly recommend you get one.

Check them out on Amazon here

Xbox One

Hey guys,

As most of you know and if not are about to, that on November 22, 2013 Microsoft released it’s highly anticipated next generation gaming console the Xbox One. and the friday before November 15 Sony released it’s next generation gaming console the PS4 (Playstation4).

Xbox One

I got the Xbox One the day it came out but the reason for this review being so late is because I want to spend a lot of time with products so I can write a better review because  I’ve had time to play with. The Xbox One hit the market at $499 ($100 lower than the PS4). It came with the console (a little bulkier than the PS4) which I thought looked too much like a large package you would get in the mail. Straight sides, big, and heavy. Also incuded was a controller, the new controller takes AA batteries but a you can buy rechargeable battery packs at other places. Last but certinly not least was the Kinect (PS4 3D camera not included in set, extra $60 dollars).


I have two games on the Xbox One. About two weeks before the Xbox One came out I recieved Call Of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One. The day I got the Xbox I digitally downloaded one of Xbox’s exclusive games, Forza Motorsport 5. Call Of Duty Ghosts was ok but wasn’t my type of game. The is in the middle of a war and almost everyone you see you must kill which I don’t really like. I’m not very fond of the parts when the dog tears people apart. Overall I think my friends liked more than I did. Forza Motorsport 5 is the best racing game I’ve ever played and destroy’s all the other Forza’s before it. With asonishing graphics this game will blow almost anyone away and shows how hard developers work to make the game good. I would of almost thought the controller was built for the game specifically, between the very noticible vibrations when starting a car to the very easy to control thumb sticks for fast turns during races, this game and controller was one of the best pairs I’ve ever seen or felt.


The Xbox 360 console is so much cooler looking and much lighter. The Xbox One console is like a brick. It’s heavy, lots of visible vents, and straight sides which make it look not like a game console but like a box, hence the name Xbox. A con of the Xbox One is that when you turn it off the light of the X will go off but then back on then off again making you wonder if it’s shutting off or turning back on. That is why I think the Xbox 360 and most other consoles have better designs.


Thumbsticks are too small, triggers are to big, and the missing battery pack feels weird were some of my complaints when I first felt the Xbox One controller. But as time past I realized that all of my complaints were what made the game good. The thumbsticks are more controllable which makes for better gameplay. The triggers really helped and felt comfortable when I was playing Forza. Last but not least is that the missing battery pack makes it so I can spread my fingers not have them curled up next to a battery pack. I didn’t like it at first cause it was to much change, but now after playing with it I realized that the changes were good. I still really like the old controller but this one is good too.


Kinect on the Xbox One is really good. It has really good picture so whenever I get in front of my Xbox One it recognizes me and signs me in. Voice commands are really useful and actually work with the Xbox One. I always use split screen and i can do that by just saying “Xbox, split” and then whatever you want to split and it will split the screen. I do wish though that they would of made the television screen bigger in split screen. In conclusion the Xbox One kinect is really useful and it works very well.


In the end the Xbox One is a little bit better than the 360. I Think Microsoft could of work done a little more especially when they had so many years to do it. Thank you for reading my post and be sure to check out my review of the Xbox 360. I you liked this review please subscribe and if you have any questions write them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.




New Years

Hey guys,

Happy New Year!!! Almost everyone has heard of a new years resolution, right? If you haven’t, a new years resolution is when someone decides something they’re going to change or that they are going to start something new around the new year. So for me I’ve been thinking and starting this month will be posting monthly tech reviews, upcoming items, unboxings, or news on the latest and biggest tech products and companies. Keep checking back every month for a new post. Thanks.


P.S. This is not the review of the month. Stay tune for more.

Ipod Touch 5

Today I’m going to talk about the iPod touch 5th generation!!! The iPod touch 5 is Apple‘s latest iPod touch. I myself have an iPod touch 5 and that is why I am going to write a review on it today.


The iPod touch 5 comes with 21 built -in Apps such as Camera, iMessage, Music, App Store, FaceTime, Mail, Safari, Videos, Game Center, Photos, Passbook, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, Newsstand, Maps, Weather, Stocks, and Notification Center. I think FaceTime is a very successful app on the iPod touch. FaceTime lets you and your friends video chat from anywhere in the world (only capable with Wi-Fi).


As most people that have followed Apple in the past year you know that the new iPod touch is larger in height. It can fit 6 apps on the screen in one row going up which i think is very good because i have a lot of apps and now i don’t have as many pages. The iPod touch 5th generation is also lighter weight weighing in at 3.10 ounces (88 grams).


The iPod touch 5 has an A5 chip with the lightning charger. It also has siri which i love!! I’ve always wanted to have siri after using it on my mom’s phone. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the iPod touch 5, which is fine for me because i charge it while i sleep.

Inside the Box

When you open the iPod touch 5th generation you will find the iPod touch, but you will also find Apples new headphones, earpods. After that you will find the new lightning to USB cable and the iPod loop which i don’t use and lost, but i see why people would use if and if you want to feel more protection while taking a photo with your iPod touch it’s good.


The iPod touch 5th generation comes in 6 different colors including blue, yellow, pink, black, white, and red. Every time someone buys a red colored iPod Apple will give a portion of the purchase to the Global Funds to fight AIDS in Africa.


I really like the iPod touch 5th generation and I recommend it to you if you’re too young to get a phone. Thanks for reading and comment what you think.